Hard Cast Lead &
Hi-Tek Coated
Bullets By Scarlett

Cowgirl Owned & Made

What makes scarlett 's Bullets special

Scarlett Darlin', SASS 96680

Some folks are surprised to learn that Scarlett really does cast the bullets herself.  She is committed to providing an outstanding product as well as customer service that is unmatched in the industry!  Who else gives a free hug with EVERY purchase - and gives a RAIN CHECK for those online purchases.

Why Bullets by Scarlett?

 Bullets by Scarlett uses ONLY foundry lead for her hard cast lead bullets.  No scrap, wheel weights, or linotype!  The alloy is the "Lyman" 2/6 alloy: 2% Tin (Sn), 6% Antimony (Sb) and 92% Lead (Pb).  Purchased by the ton, this alloy provides consistent quality so that customers need not worry about having to constantly adjust/test loads for accuracy. The same lead is used in the cowboy bullets as well as the bullets in the low velocity cowboy loads or cartridges.

Scarlett Cares

Bullets by Scarlett is committed to SASS through the Affiliated Merchant program as well as SASS and other competitive and recreational shooters!  Scarlett is a sponsor, at some level,  of every match that she attends and goes out of her way to make her many customers feel like they are her only one.

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Cowboy Cartridges & Ballistol MUST ship UPS.  When you check out, USPS Priority Mail will show as an option however, you MUST ship UPS... we will invoice you (or advise you prior to placing order) of the actual shipping.  We charge ACTUAL shipping.

Please know that some states do NOT permit direct sales/shipment of ammunition purchased online.  Some states require a Firearm Owner ID card, etc.  Please be aware that Bullets by Scarlett will follow Federal and State regulations regarding the sale and shipment of ammunition.  Purchaser (regardless of state of residence) must be 21 years of age to purchase cartridges.

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