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Some folks are surprised to learn that Scarlett really did use to cast the bullets herself.  From very early on, she was selling more bullets than she was capable of making herself yet when her husband, Tommy, had a health emergency  she had to accept the fact that she needed help. In September 2019 Scarlett partnered with Acme Bullet Company, Germantown, WI.  Andy & Vicki Busalacchi are the owners. They have a fabulous manufacturing facility at their home and operate on an economy of scale that Scarlett never could.  Acme needed machines and outside sales and Scarlett needed their capacity and scale.  It has been a wonderful partnership – especially through COVID-19.  Acme & Scarlett are committed to providing an outstanding product as well as customer service that is unmatched in the industry!  Who else gives a free hug with EVERY purchase – and gives a RAIN CHECK for those online purchases.

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Why Use Bullets by Scarlett?

Scarlett ONLY sells things that she ACTUALLY uses herself.  If it is good enough for her, well its good enough for her customers.

Scarlett, and the companies she represents, stand behind the products 100%.  If there is an issue, let Scarlett know!

Acme Bullet Co, American Pioneer Powder, Rugged Gear Gun Carts  & Accessories, Ryder Umbrella Mounts & Shotshell Sizer, Rio Grande Custom Grips, Shooters World Powders, Ballistol, KingSnake’s Bolt Blocks & Brass Magazine Caps, Slick McClade’s Liquid Gold Hand Chalk, EAR, Inc Custom Hearing Protection

~Scarlett Cares~

Scarlett LOVES cowboy action shooting and all the folks who participate! Cowboys and Cowgirls from all over are her friends and customers!  Scarlett STRONGLY believes in giving back to the sport that gives her so much.  She sponsors every match she attends (state & above) many annuals and smaller matches that she doesn’t.  She is the 2023 End of Trail Junior Wild Bunch Shooter Sponsor!  Your support of Bullets By Scarlett is helping the sport, too.  

Once you become a part of the Bullets By Scarlett family you’ll get a “Free Hug” with each purchase!  Online customers get a Certificate for a Free Hug Raincheck!  Save them and redeem at a match! Its super fun if folks bring the certificate – but Scarlett remembers her customers very well and will give you some hugs even if you forget!

"Scarlett has been awesome and very informative. My wife and I are new to SASS, Scarlett has been a huge help and a wealth of knowledge that she graciously shares with us. Thank you Scarlett."

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Clint McAnally

"absolutely wonderful experience. can't beat the prices or the great attitude and warm smile Scarlett has for every one of her customers. thanks again for the moldable ear plugs for my daughter at paradise pass! made her day so much more enjoyable."

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Jeff Stills

"I was in the market for some new hearing protection, after a few emails I meet up with Scarlett at the NYS SASS Championship. Sat for creating the molds and decided on what options were best for me after taking with Tommy.

Got them a few weeks later and all I can say is wow! They are so comfortable I can wear them for hours without even realizing they are in!!
If you need cast bullets, hearing protection or any of the other items she carries I’d look to Scarlett first!! Oh and you get a free hug at the end of your transaction!!"

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Michael Rhodes

"Scarlet is the best businesswoman out there ! Honest always returns your messages and yes she has a great product ..."

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Michael Miszczak

"Terrific Lady who cares about her product! Will buy from her again"

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Jimmy Clarke

"Her bullets are some of the best for CAS Shooting. She has all you need from bullets, powder, primers, to complete cartridges. Your one stop shop for all of your CAS bullets! Plus you get a hug with every sale! Can’t beat that!"

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Terry L. Corder

"Best cowboy bullets out there! Was having feed problems with multiple different commercial brands of flat nose lead .38s in my Uberti 1866 after I had to replace a broken loading gate, then I tried Scarlett’s 125gr .38 cartridges and haven’t had a problem since. Plus, they cost less than any of those other brands. Total win-win!"

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Kevin Krist

"great bullets, great price"

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Douglas Lalone

"Got to try out some Bullets by Scarlett. Great Product with Excellent Consistency and Quality. Highly Recommend."

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David Greer

"Got some .45 Long Colts from them at a
really great price! They are great people!"

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Malcolm Davis

"I would recommend Bullets by Scarlett based on the product alone. With this level of kindness, dedication, and quality I'm not shopping anywhere else."

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Nicholas Watford

"Best Cowboy loads available anywhere!"

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David Morris

"On my second year of 8000...they go in all the cartridges and come out all the barrels, hitting their target each time. Now me?...that's another topic! Highly recommended for quality and hugs."

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Ocklawaha Kidd

"Scarlett 's bullets are uniform, fly straight and clang the steel for me. Thanks Scarlett"

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Chuck Boise

"Perform flawlessly in Slabtown's 1873 rifle and her Vaqueros as well. Good stuff."

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Wayne Kuban