Custom Ear Plugs by Tommy

Tom Eagle Talker


Tom Eagle Talker, Scarlett's husband, has earned quite a reputation for his custom ear protection ! Tommy will do custom ear plugs  at the bigger matches we attend - two & three day matches .  Tommy needs you for about 20 minutes... then, he will finish as he is able.  Shooters will have their ear plugs by the time we leave the match.  He generally stops making ear plugs about lunch time on the last day of the main match stages.

Some of Tommy's Artistry!


This was a night's work a while ago! Tommy made so many in one afternoon, that we took them back to the hotel to finish! Not to worry, he's pretty much "caught up" in the Cowboy world!  These custom molded ear plugs offer the wearer a 30NRR. Tommy and Scarlett are authorized providers of E.A.R. Inc. of Boulder, Colorado

The Reason for Custom Ear Protection


After an examination of the ear, a foam blocker (small little sponge) is inserted into the ear to give the putty a place to stop.  Then, the color (s) are mixed with the appropriate activator and put in the syringe.  The putty is slowly injected into the ear canal until it is full.  It does not hurt however, it does feel weird! That's what it takes to make custom ear plugs



After some finishing work - trimming and removing any sharp edges, the custom ear plugs are dipped twice in clear silicone, and then have a cord (optional) inserted and are ready to wear!   Tommy has each customer try on the finished plugs to make sure they know how to insert/take out the ear plugs as well as to make sure they are comfortable. Hearing protection needs to be comfortable!